Solution Offerings

1sourcevend provides cost effective off-the-shelf solutions with robust functionality using the latest industrial vending and scanning technologies driven by proprietary cloud computing software.  The 1sourcevend's system actually eliminates the time consuming headache of reordering the same items over and over again.


•  The “engine” that drives down costs, raises productivity, and improves inventory control is 1sourcevend's proprietary Automated Inventory Management (AIM) software system
•  Transaction data is downloaded via internet  “cloud computing” technology
•  No software to buy, install or maintain
•  Easy to implement “plug & play” technology makes it simple to get started with the Hand Held Scanner, the Automated Parts Manager (APM) and the Automated Vending Manager (AVM)
•  Using a unique User ID and Password, usage, quantity on hand, receiving and replenishment reporting is at your finger tips through 1sourcevend's Excel based reporting suite