Manufacturers (OEM)

OEM Manufacturer

We can help you grow your business!

  • Do you have distributors and prospective distributors where you’d like to grow your market share?
  • Would you like to offer them a fresh marketing approach that puts your products at the “point of use or sale”?
  • Would you like to reduce or eliminate lost sales due to “stock outs”?



If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, 1sourcevend can help. We'd like to show you how you can benefit from the 1sourcevend program. 1sourcevend is a company that helps companies grow their business through the utilization of our  Automated Inventory Management (AIM) system.


Inventory electronically managed means that the distributor, the end user, and you will know what inventory is on-hand and what needs to be replenished via the Internet.



If you are a manufacturer, 1sourcevend can help you better manage the products you manufacture within the supply chain with our automated inventory management solutions. 1sourcevend can help you market, sell, and implement our proprietary Automated Inventory Management (AIM) system to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve inventory control for your key customers. Imagine having your manufactured products readily available for consumption with automated replenishment from any location (just like CocaCola with the Coke machine).


Please “Contact Us” to find out more about how 1sourcevend can start helping you today or view 1sourcevendSolution Offerings”.