Distributor Program

1sourcevend provides selling programs for distributors of any commodity that can deliver the full range of integrated supply services and capabilities, which helps distributors gain NEW business through the utilization of our  “Automated Inventory Management (AIM)” system.


1sourcevend helps market, sell, and implement the program with distributors. "When a customer really respects a distributor and really likes working with them, the customer will try to find more ways to give the distributor business. However, if distributors don't have the ability to offer a single-sourcing program, then there's no way for them to offer the opportunity to the customer to buy more product from them," said Cary Rawlings, 1sourcevend vice-president of sales and marketing. "With our program, we're able to go in with the distributor and demonstrate to their customers a system that is simple and encourages them to give the distributor more business."


If your company has good customer relationships and technically trained salespeople, but you don't have a single sourcing program to offer, inquire about our distributor program and enjoy the significant growth in your business too! See our single source “Commodity Program Solutions” graphic below that illustrates the benefits of our integrated single source program solution for your customers.