Distributor Comments

Duramill 12/19/07

“As one of the leading cutting tool suppliers in the country we were always looking for ways to enhance our service level with existing customers while attracting new business. Armed with a combination of inventory diversity, unsurpassed technical knowledge and a solid reputation for being a ‘solutions’ provider within the industry, we needed a tool that would allow us to offer our customers the option of being their complete ‘1 Source’ supplier. After meeting with Mark and Cary the choice was clear; 1sourcevend was the answer. We are now able to offer our customers a price competitive, easy to use system that instantly allows them to capture usage and maintain costs in real time, giving Duramill the competitive edge needed!! We are confident that Duramill and its customers will realize the benefits as soon as the first scanner has been installed”


Sales Manager
Duramill Industrial Supplies
905 738 8665/416 779 9881

Ernie Goad 9/19/08

My name is Ernie Goad, I am an outside sales Rep. for I M C Supply and have been with the company 14 years.


The 1sourcevend AIM program enables me to be much more efficient with my time than the traditional sales methods.


I am enjoying the following benefits of working with my customers under the 1sourcevend program:

  1. I am getting orders on 80-90% of what I quote my customers. Before the 1sourcevend program I was getting 10-20 % orders on what I quoted.
  2. The 1sourcevend program enables us to offer more lines, including competitors in some areas. This allows me to offer my customers a broader scope of products and to be more competitive with certain items.
  3. I no longer have to make appointments with my customers. I am invited to come in any time as necessary without going through the front office.
  4. Before the 1sourcevend programs were in effect, I had to plan ahead in advance for all my sales calls. Now I try to flow with my customer's needs. Most of my time is now spent on their requests that are far more productive than cold sales calls. In other words, I am more of a technically qualified customer service Rep. for them.
  5. I use emails for all correspondence, quotations, and any replenishment lists I submit for orders. I use Excel spread sheets on items requested. These sheets include who asked for the items, the full description, the quantity and the prices. When I email these sheets to my customers they usually attach a purchase order number and email it to my office for processing. I keep each email in an electronic file for future reference.
  6. When I am in a customer's facility, I am constantly looking for value added cost reductions. I also keep them informed about new offerings in technology.
  7. I enjoy being my customer's first choice for anything they need because of my constant presence in their facility. Everyone has my business card with my email, cell phone, and home phone numbers. I encourage each one of them to call me at any time they think it's necessary.



I find this type of sales much more interesting than the old traditional methods. I enjoy the bonding with my customers and I have been told I am one of the family with many of them. When I commit to something they request, it becomes a very high priority with me to satisfy their request as soon as possible. I am nearing retirement age, however, I enjoy the relationships with my customers so much, that I want to continue my career in sales as long as possible.


Ernie Goad